RNAO Best Practice Spotlight Organization Designate (BPSO®)

OTN is a BPSO® Designate on behalf of the Telehomecare Program. 

Congratulations to our current Best Practice Community Partners who have successfully led best practice guideline implementations since our launch in 2012. Thank you for your leadership and tireless commitment to quality patient care!

What is a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO®)?

Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO®) are health-care and academic organizations which partner with the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) to facilitate formal implementation and evaluation of clinical best practices.  OTN was awarded the designation of BPSO® Candidate on behalf of the Telehomecare Expansion Program.

What are 'Clinical Best Practices'?

Clinical Best Practices are "systematically developed statements to assist practitioners and patients to make decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical (practice) circumstances". (Field and Lohr, 1990)  The integration of clinical expertise, patient values and preferences, and application of clinical best practices into clinical decisions enhances the opportunity for optimal outcomes and quality of life.

The Telehomecare Expansion Program is implementing seven best practice guidelines including:

Y E A R   O N E

·         Strategies to Support Self-Management in Chronic Conditions: Collaboration with Clients

·         Integrating Smoking Cessation into Daily Nursing Practice

·         Nursing Management of Hypertension

Y E A R   T W O   

·         Nursing Care of Dyspnea: The 6th Vital Sign in Individuals with COPD

·         Establishing Therapeutic Relationships

Y E A R   T H R E E 

·         Client-Centred Care

·         Embracing Cultural Diversity in Health Care: Developing Cultural Competence

Y E A R   F O U R

·         Facilitating Client-Centred Learning

·         Care Transitions

Y E A R   F I V E  &  S I X 

         ·        Person and Family Centred Care

Y E A R   S E V E N

         ·        Delirium, Dementia, and Depression in Older Adults: Assessment and Care, Second Edition
                       (Depression Guidelines Implementation Only)


For more information about the BPSO® Program, visit the RNAO website.

Nursing Week BPSO Launch (May 2013)

Recently, we celebrated our collective effort to ensure an evidence-based culture in how we practice Telehomecare across Ontario.  Here are some photos from the event.