Based on a growing number of Telehomecare studies and evaluations, Telehomecare has demonstrated the following positive benefits:

Improve:  Patient self-management, Medication compliance, Clinical outcomes, Patient and Provider satisfaction, Best practice care for chronic disease, Data integration

Reduce:  Emergency Room visits, Hospital admissions, Primary Care utilization, Long-Term Care home admissions, Patient travel costs, Walk-in clinic utilization, Patient morbidity and mortality

Telehomecare Programs have shown significant benefits internationally and are growing. 

Evidence for Telehomecare

Evidence for Telehomecare for Patients with HF

Evidence for Telehomecare for Patients with COPD

The following studies conclude that Telehomecare is beneficial for a broad range of clinical uses including HF and COPD.

HF Review

This systematic review and meta-analysis concludes that telemonitoring and structured telephone support have a wide range of benefits for Heart Failure (HF) patients, including a reduction in the risk of HF hospitalization.  The interventions showed improvements in quality of life, reduced system costs and were highly acceptable to patients.  Also observed were improvements in the prescribing of medications, patient knowledge and self-care and functional class. 

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COPD Review

This systematic review of primarily qualitative research articles published between 1996 and 2008 speaks to the need to provide home-based treatments as possible alternatives for patients with COPD.  The analysis concluded that the benefit of telemedicine for COPD patients includes decreased costs when compared to traditional home care programs, reduced hospitalizations, improved clinical follow-up and increased patient self-management. 

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Patient Self-Management Review

The impact of changing behaviours for participants with chronic conditions has been well documented, with patient self-management cited as a major component.  This study looks at a new self-management program which is internet based. 

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