Heart Health

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is a leader in heart health.  Its goal is to assist all health care providers by providing sound knowledge, research, best practice guidelines, and conference opportunities.  The current areas of focus are continuing education, hypertension, resuscitation and stroke.

These resources provide information for patients and providers on how to manage heart failure and other heart-related issues. 

Heart Disease and Heart Failure 

Managing Congestive Heart Failure 

Blood Pressure 


Lung Health

The Canadian Lung Association, and the Living Well with COPD program at McGill University, are national leaders in lung health and COPD educational resources. Their goal is to assist health care providers by providing sound knowledge, research and best practice guidelines to help clinicians increase their knowledge and skills in treating lung disease. 

These resources provide information for patients and providers on how to manage COPD and other lung related issues.

Managing COPD (The Canadian Lung Association)  

Living well with COPD (McGill University Health Centre)  
Password: COPD


Multicultural Resources

Culture and language are important aspects of health. Providing culturally relevant patient education resources for your patients can assist them in managing their chronic disease more effectively.

For example, The Canadian Council on Learning notes that in Aboriginal societies, learning environments must reflect the fact that First Nations men and women have diverse experiences and needs. To ensure success in Aboriginal learning, there is a need to acknowledge and address issues that hamper learning among First Nations men and women. Other ethnic groups whose first language is not English or French typically score lower on health literacy screening tests (i.e. Rapid Assessment of Adult Literacy). 

These language and cultural specific resources are provided by national organizations and the Government of Canada.  

First Nations, Inuit and Métis: Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide 

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Resources (Heart and Stroke Foundation) 

Aboriginal Health and Learning  (Canadian Council on Learning)  

Chinese Resources  (Heart and Stroke Foundation)

People of African Descent Resources  (Heart and Stroke Foundation)

Persian Resources (Heart and Stroke Foundation) 

South Asian Resources  (Heart and Stroke Foundation)

Multicultural Resources  (Heart and Stroke Foundation)


Links to Community Programs

These community resources can be shared with your patients to help them self-manage their chronic disease.  Some patients may benefit from joining support groups in their respective communities. 

Join a COPD Program (The Lung Association) 

Join a Pulmonary Rehab Program (The Lung Association)  

Toll-Free COPD Help Line (The Lung Association) 

Locate Ontario Health Resources (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care) 

Contact a Dietitian: Eat Right Ontario  

Telehealth Ontario: Telephone health advisory service 

Health Care Connect: Find a family doctor