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An RNAO Best Practice Champions Workshop is Coming your Way!

OTN is hosting a Level 1 Best Practice Champions Workshop on Wednesday July 13.
For those who have not had the opportunity to attend the FREE, 1-day best practice champions workshop, we would highly recommend this day.

Your colleagues who have attended previously and found it helpful and meaningful to their evidence-based patient care practice.  The workshop is designed to introduce clinicians to evidence-based practice.

The event will be hosted onsite at OTN's North York Office.

Introducing; Telehomecare's Breathe Easier and Live Strong Blogs

To continue to provide information regarding management of COPD and/or chronic Heart Failure in the home, we are hosting two separate websites that will feature regular blogs around living well with COPD and/or chronic Heart Failure in the home. 

  1. Telehomecare’s patient blog Breathe Easier brings you stories about other patients and tips for enjoying the best possible health: 

  2. Telehomecare’s patient blog Live Strong brings you stories about other patients and tips for enjoying the best possible health:


Please visit these sites for updated Telehomecare Blogs!

Thunder Bay Talks About Telehomecare

Here's a Valentine's Day Treat!

NW CCAC's very own Marg Milani joins "Around Town" with Fiona Gardiner and Global Thunder Bay to talk about Telehomecare and its benefits for individuals with chronic Heart Failure and/or COPD.

Watch the video here.

Why is this woman smiling?

Irmajean Bajnok, a director of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, was a special guest at Telehomecare’s  celebration of National Nursing Week.   She spoke to guests at OTN Toronto who had gathered to honour the important role of Registered Nurses in using clinical best practices for Telehomecare patients.   Telehomecare nurses are specially trained in self-management support and health coaching to help individuals with COPD and Heart Failure to develop the confidence and skills to enjoy their best possible quality of life.

Jenny's Story: How Telehomecare Can Impact a Patient's Quality of Life - A patient's perspective

A great article has been written by Dipti Purbhoo, Senior Director for Client Services at TC CCAC for the '' site.  In the article, Dipti shares the story of Jenny, a patient who is currently enrolled in TC CCAC's Telehomecare Program.

An excerpt is included below.  For the full blog, click here.

"Like some seniors when confronted with technology, Jenny was initially apprehensive about   participating in the Telehomecare program, “I didn’t even have a computer in my home,” Jenny remarked. But after some help from the Telehomecare team Jenny is now able to check herself five days a week, “it’s so simple and it takes less than five minutes each day!” she added.


At one point while enrolled in the Telehomecare program, Jenny started to feel unwell. She became extremely short of breath, fatigued and was unable to go on her regular walks. Tracking her vital signs, her Telehomecare Nurse Coordinator was concerned about Jenny’s symptoms and low pulse rates and contacted Jenny’s health care providers, including her heart specialist, and advocated for Jenny to be seen and suggested that her pacemaker needed to be re-assessed.  


Soon after getting the attention she needed, Jenny's pulse returned to normal and she began feeling like her regular self, going out to community events and resuming her walking.  "I felt like someone had lifted something off me.  (Telehomecare) is a very good thing and really wonderful for me," she said."

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