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Happy National Nursing Week!

On behalf of OTN and the Telehomecare Program, HAPPY NURSING WEEK!  

Thank you for all that you do.

Let's Start Talking!

Most things in life start with a conversation.

And we want to get people talking. Telehomecare nurses with patients. Nurses with primary care providers. Nurses with other nurses. The entire team in a patient's circle of care. And more.

Through the OTN Telehomecare Centre, we are offering training, continuing education, a Community of Practice for sharing and mentoring, and online resources for both health care professionals and patients.

It all focuses around a simple idea to use technology to bring health care right into the home. Remote monitoring allows Telehomecare nurses to follow a patient's health status and provide education and coaching over distance.  For the patients, it means even more. Telehomecare empowers them to take control of their own health and become an active partner in their own care.

Telehomecare is the enabler for a new way to manage chronic diseases and it's a catalyst for changing how health care is delivered. But like a scalpel needs a surgeon, Telehomecare needs a team.  It's all about collaboration and we want to use the Centre to encourage and support that.

We hope everyone will find something useful and interesting in the Centre: an answer to a question or a chance to reach out to others with common interests.

OTN is proud to be a leading resource and innovator for the discipline of Telehomecare and we welcome all of you to join our conversation. We're just getting started and we welcome your feedback.

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