OTN joins with expert organizations to promote effective collaboration between patients and health care professionals to enhance adherence to therapy and optimize benefits.

These resources, provided by a variety of provincial and national organizations, will help health care professionals develop skills to provide patients with the knowledge and confidence they need to appropriately manage their condition and live a healthy life.

Introduction to Self-Management (Ontario Patient Self-Management Network) 

Self-Management  (University of Victoria: Centre on Aging)

Video:  Senior Learning (Canadian Council on Learning)

Self-Managing Your Disease  (Health Quality Ontario)

Living a Healthy Life with a Chronic Conditions  (Stanford Patient Education) 


Motivational Interviewing

Telehomecare Nurses must become very familiar with the merits of motivational interviewing (MI), incorporating MI techniques into their care and support of their patients. These techniques include: introducing change talk, responding to resistance and respecting autonomous patient decisions.

These resources provide MI knowledge, tools and strategies.

Motivational Interviewing (Mid-Atlantic Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network)


Health Literacy

The Canadian Public Health Association defines health literacy as the skills to enable access, understanding and use of information for health.

The Canadian Council on Learning proposes that health literacy plays a crucial role in chronic disease self-management. Individuals must understand and assess often complex health information, including planning and adapting lifestyles, making informed decisions and understanding how to access care when they need it.

These resources, provided by the Canadian Council on Learning, will help you gain a greater understanding of Health Literacy.

Literacy in Canada 

Health Literacy in Canada 



As you coach your patients to better health, these resources will provide suggested approaches on a variety of lifestyle issues.

Food and Nutrition for Educators (Health Canada) 

Reading Food Labels (Health Canada) 

Reducing Salt in Your Diet (Ontario Stroke Network - English and French)