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Betting on English Premier League

Ask any sports bettor or even the typical operator of a thriving sports book the following question: does what you know about the game matter to your results? Of course, as you may well expect, virtually all of them will shout out “of course it matters!” Well, that’s what most everyone thinks. Yet, just thinking it’s true is not the same as being true. Read on to understand some contrary wisdom about sports betting.

You see, it turns out in a new study being published in the esteemed professional journal, Psychopathology, the findings point to a startling revelation. Specifically, Professor Pinhas Dannon of Tel Aviv University and Dr. Ronen Huberfeld of the Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center found that neither the amount of knowledge about the sport nor the level of sports betting experience is connected to successful sports betting results.

What? How can this be true? What about all those hours spent poring over statistics? What about those years of experience with sports betting where you are supposedly learning from your wins and from your losses?

Incredibly, the authors of this study make the case that neither matters. They go on to suggest that sports gamblers are operating on what they refer to as an “illusion of control and power” which is in fact not related to real world outcomes. Ouch! That stings.

Professor Dannon is quick to point out that this does not mean that inexperience is an advantage. No, far from it. Yet at the same time, the professor stresses that the result of this study makes it clear that knowledge as an assumed advantage is really not. This myth of knowledge (his words) is not really an advantage after all.

Going on to explain the findings further, Professor Dannon takes the time to explain that sports gamblers are not the same as casino gamblers. Sports gamblers are essentially operating under a false sense of control, in other words an illusion.

Wow, is like a bucket of cold water thrown in your face or what? Does this mean that there all sports bets are nothing more than the luck of the draw? Or is this simply the results of an academic looking to make a point? Either way, remember that sports betting like all activities are there for your enjoyment. Whether it’s a win, a lose or a draw, at the end of the day its more about how you view what you are doing.


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