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8 Pros and Cons of Aluminum Arc Welding

Arc welding is the process of joining or welding together two metal pieces using an electrical current. When the metal being welded is aluminum, it is called aluminum arc welding. The electric current is used to heat the metals to so high a temperature that they melt. The current used in the welding process can be DC or AC. A flux is formed around the weld area by the electric current, which avoids contamination and provides stability to the arc. After the welding has finished, the flux is removed. 

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NYC Welding Company believes in providing innovative and advanced services with top-notch quality. That is why we align our services and products with the latest technology and advancements. The use of aluminum is relatively increased due to its low-density feature. It suits most of the construction processes and is better material.

Like any other complicated enough process, arc welding as its disadvantages as well as advantages. Here we go over the pros and cons:

Pros of Aluminum Arc Welding

Portability The tools of this type of welding, such as the common propane blow torch, are very portable. They don't need a special setting to be used - they are most often used in private workshops or garages. With enough care, you can use them in any confined space too.

Convenience Equipment for welding is cheap enough to be within reach of most, even those who may need it for personal use. Also, it can easily be found in almost all hardware stores. This makes it very convenient to switch to aluminum arc welding if you were using some other process before.

No inert gas needed Since welding with arcs does not require the use of inert gas at all, that is one requirement less when you use arc welding.

Multiple metals supported You can weld not only steel and aluminum with this type of welding, but a number of other metals too. This means your skill with the torch will come in use oftener - when you use it to weld the other metals.

No training required This type of welding does not require any professional training. All you need is the equipment for it, remain conscious of safety while using it, and you can start practicing with it. With a little bit of practice, you can start doing the repairs too. It all makes sure that you receive the work just like you demanded provided promptly at a reasonable cost and no waste. NYC Welding Company excels at the welding services nyc to give you the best product made exactly to your requirements. We take care of all the minute details for all our customers’ satisfaction.

Cons of Aluminum Arc Welding

Electrode requires replacement Though not at all a major issue, the constant replacement can prove to be a hassle.

Removing the slag The constant removal of slag just slows you down.

Risk with heat and light Unless used safely, with proper helmet and protective glasses, aluminum arc welding puts you at the risk of bodily harm with its high temperature and current.

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