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Getting Things for Free
You might think that travelling the world is both difficult and expensive and sometimes it definitely can be. However, you might find it can be easier and cheaper than you think.
Useful Ways of Getting Things for Free
While travel itself can be expensive, there are many ways that you can get food and even accommodation for free. People who have any of a number of skills, from musical talent and cooking to looking after animals, may be able to use them in exchange for lodging and food. Other skills that can be useful for travelers include being able to speak English as a first language, which means that you can teach your way around the world. Additionally, things such as computer skills are also useful.
As well as exchanging your skills and time for food and accommodation, you may find that there are people out there who are simply prepared to be generous to travelers and will allow them to stay in their homes and possibly provide some food in exchange for getting some jobs done. One thing you won’t get for free is your travel money, so although you may plan on earning whilst you travel, ensure you’ve got enough money to cover you until you can find work.
There are some online networks that will put needy travelers in touch with people who are willing to provide accommodation or visa on arrival to Vietnam in exchange for some help, or even for no particular reason.

Take Things Easy
One of the best ways to see the world for free is by taking things easy and escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is far easier to travel for free in rural areas or parts of the world that are not very well developed. Everything in cities invariably costs money and can be expensive, while conversely countryside living can provide fresh air and, if it comes to it and the weather allows, free outdoor accommodation.
If you want to take advantage of seeing the world for free then it is important to grab opportunities when they present themselves. An element of planning is also involved and this could mean leaving behind possessions, including your car, home and most of your clothes. This will provide you with total freedom.
Another way that you can achieve freedom and see some of the world for free is by having a job that requires travel. There are many such jobs available, they will also provide free visa for Vietnam if you travel to Vietnam, although if you are planning to work in the developing world then try and avoid work that poses a risk to traditional ways and cultures.

Simplicity Is Everything
Keeping life simple is the best way of living and travelling for free. The most basic needs, such as a place to sleep, food and fresh air, are easy to get hold of and in some cases, depending where in the world you are, can be free. You can have free exercise by taking a walk and fresh air by simply going outside. New experiences can also be free and this is one of the most amazing things about travelling the world. These could be things as simple as taking a walk around a new city or watching the sun set in a new place. So, you too could be travelling the world for free. The key is to plan it carefully, keep it simple and enjoy the freedom that only travelling can bring.
the beaches best destinations
Sand, sea and endless hours of glorious sunshine¿ what could be better than a holiday on the beaches? Life is far from difficult when you're topping up your tan and sipping cocktails by the pool, but things might get tricky when you're posed with one question " which resort to choose? Whether you're looking for somewhere to sit back and do nothing or somewhere to party until the early hours, treat that special someone in your life and jet off to warmer climes with our guide to the beaches' best destinations for couples.
Zante, Greece
Primarily known for being one of Europe's top party destinations, the beautiful Greek island of Zante also provides a tranquil retreat and a stunning backdrop for couples in need of some rest and relaxation. Known as "The Flower of the East" to the Venetians who conquered the island, the island's main city bears a striking resemblance to Venice yet offers visitors a true taste of Greek culture.
If you ever find yourself bored of lounging on the island's pretty beaches, you can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in the island's underwater caves or watch the endangered Loggerhead Turtles as they come to Zante to lay their eggs.
Cassis, France
No list of the Mediterranean's top destinations would be complete without mentioning the French Riviera, and the beautiful resort of Cassis is a welcome escape from the overcrowded and more popular resorts of Nice and St Tropez. Cassis was once a small fishing village and still retains a charming old world feel with streets and buildings dating back as far as the 16th century. It's the perfect place to relax, unwind and soak up some of that glorious French sunshine.
Phu Quoc island, Vietnam
We're back to Vietnam for our next stop, and if you're more about the lively luxury resorts than tranquil retreats you'll love Phu Quoc island. It's Vietnam's most cosmopolitan island and is perfect for anyone who loves to sip cocktails on the beach, top up their tan, party until sunrise and enjoy an authentic Vietnam experience. There are many luxury hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc for you to choose.
Da Nang, Vietnam
If you've been tempted by romantic breaks by, our next stop is sure to make you book a flight right away. The third largest city in Vietnam archipelago, Da nang might be close to mainland Hoi An, but it's different in many ways. As well as differing traditions, residents of Da Nang also have different accents, lifestyles and dialects. Head to the beach, soak up the glorious Vietnamese sunshine and enjoy a truly relaxing and romantic getaway in Da Nang.
Taormina, Italy
Known as the Monte Carlo of Sicily, Taormina is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to lap up the life of luxury. The island has a turbulent history of invasion and as a result boasts a spectacular variety of architecture including the famous Greek Theatre of Taormina. After wandering through the winding streets and admiring the churches and houses, there are plenty of ice cream bars and restaurants so you can enjoy a true taste of Italy. The castle in Castelmola also offers breath-taking views of the city.
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